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Wellbeing Link Workers

Wellbeing Liverpool is a service designed to help you find activities, groups and organisations that can help you live the life you want to live.

Our Wellbeing Link Worker Service provides referred patients with individualised, ongoing advice and support that enables them to access both meaningful practical support and life-enhancing community services.

Our Link Workers connect with referred patients to co-produce a person-centred wellbeing plan (or ‘action plan’) that is shaped by the strengths and hopes of the individual.


The process of developing the wellbeing plan involves the Link Worker and the referred patient using the Wellbeing Liverpool website, and the growing bank of knowledge that this service has about wellbeing services in Liverpool.

The Link Worker will then support the patient to

access the community services identified in their

action plan.

Visit the Live Well Directory to see what health-enhancing activities are available in your area. 

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