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Peggy's Story

Health Advice

Peggy, 84, has multiple serious health conditions, including lung cancer, chronic kidney disease, chronic lung disease and asthma. We had initially called Peggy to see if she was able to access food and medication, as she was on the vulnerable patient list. 

Although, she didn’t require our support with this, it became apparent that she was experiencing problems with her home heating system. Peggy’s boiler had broken down for the second time in a month, which was providing very costly; she had been trying to save for a new one but was finding this difficult. She found the whole situation overwhelming. 

Due to the urgency of the situation, we contacted Healthy Homes, a local authority service that supports people who are struggling to heat their home. Soon after, Healthy Homes visited Peggy, and subsequently, a new heating system was installed. Peggy said she felt “very lucky” to be cared for in this way.

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