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Paul's Story

Welfare Benefits Advice

Paul, 67, contacted Citizens Advice Liverpool for help about his Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Disability Living Allowance (DLA). He had been receiving an indefinite award, but the new PIP criteria meant that he was reassessed. 

Paul failed the test, and his DLA/PIP was stopped, so he wanted to appeal the decision. After speaking to Paul, our Benefits Specialist considered that the assessment report gave an inaccurate picture of his daily living and mobility needs. She gathered further medical evidence, prepared a written tribunal submission and represented Paul at an Appeal Tribunal which was still rejected. 

After appealing to the District Tribunal Judge in Liverpool, a rehearing was agreed and, this time, Paul was successful. Paul was paid his new PIP award, which meant an increase in income of around £140 a week, as well as lump sum PIP arrears totalling more than £11k. Paul and his wife were also entitled to extra Guaranteed Pension Credit – a weekly increase of £124 – and a lump sum back payment of £5k!

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