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Geoff's Story

Debt and Money Advice

Geoff was particularly vulnerable – he was a single person with multiple disabilities which had worsened during lockdown. He was in receipt of sickness/disability benefits and was renting a three-bedroom property from a housing association. 

Geoff had two non-priority debts which he could not afford to repay. Not knowing what to do, Geoff got in touch with Citizens Advice Liverpool. A Caseworker helped him to secure financial support from the local authority, as well as get health support from his GP. The Caseworker also assisted Geoff and his GP with completing a Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form. 

This is a form that helps creditors understand the mental health issues a person may be experiencing. After seven months of frequent correspondence between the Caseworker, and the relevant creditors and debt collection agencies, the Caseworker obtained a full write-off of Geoff’s debts.

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