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Arek's Story

Advice on Claiming Universal Credit

Arek was unable to make an online claim for Universal Credit due to a language barrier, lack of computer skills and long-term health problems – so Liverpool City Council referred him to the Citizens Advice Liverpool Help to Claim Team. With the help of an interpreter, the Help to Claim Adviser was able to discuss with Arek the support he would need in order to make and manage a Universal Credit claim. 

In addition to this, the Adviser checked Arek’s circumstances to make sure that Universal Credit was the right benefit for him to claim, as well as taking Arek through the process of claiming Universal Credit. Providing Arek with this information, in advance of submitting the claim, made the process of claiming much easier as Arek was better prepared. The Help to Claim Adviser made a conference call to the Universal Credit helpline, with both Arek and the interpreter present, and the claim was successfully submitted. 

Arek was also offered information on how to claim Council Tax Support, and he was encouraged to get back in touch with Citizens Advice Liverpool should he require further help.

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